Beginner - Get started with the right set of tools and encouragement to be learning what you need to know in no time. I show you how to play your favourite songs, learn chords riffs and solos read music notation and have fun. 

Advanced - Take your playing to the next level by studying with a professional local guitarist and learn advanced techniques and methods for improvising, reading, theory and overall musicianship. Prepare for a college audition or recording date or help with a live performance piece.
Casual  Pick up where you left off and clear up some gaps in your knowledge of the guitar, renew your practice habits and things will start to sound fresh again in no time. Learn about chords theory and improvising in a relaxed casual enviroment and the right encouragment to see you move forward and be the campfire star by summer!
Bass - Learn technique, songs, theory and how to jam in a relaxed setting with a professional guitar player and benefit from the advice for how to fit in to a band situation. I have played and also taught bass for a number of years and find that students really gain a lot from being able to have guitar acompanent in the lessons,
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